Seminars and Training

Adult learning principles, Dale’s The Cone of Learning

Adults learn best through active participation – not dry, boring lectures. Nonprofit Strategies’ seminars address topics through a combination of information presentation, facilitated discussions, and simulations, all rooted in adult learning principles.  

Below is a partial list of topics that can be customized for your organization’s needs.

  • Evaluating Your Fundraising Efforts

  • How to Develop a Realistic Fundraising Plan

  • Determining Campaign Readiness

  • How to Develop a Major Gifts Program

  • Developing Strong Case Statements

  • Engaging Your Board in Fundraising

  • ABC’s of Board Roles and Responsibilities

  • Achieving Excellence in Board Governance

  • Building High Performing Teams

  • Strategic Alliances

  • Strategic Planning – Overview

  • Keeping Your Strategic Plan Alive

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