Capital Campaigns 

Plants growing from coins - growing resources

A capital campaign is a high-stakes and complex undertaking. Success requires all the moving parts and pieces to be moving in the same direction to gain and maintain momentum. Because your organization’s programs and services can’t just be put on hold during the campaign, it is a wise investment to retain an experienced campaign consultant who will manage, not just advise, every aspect of the campaign process. 

Nonprofit Strategies is a hands-on partner to your organization in managing every aspect of the campaign process including:

  • Developing a Campaign Plan

  • Conducting solicitation training

  • Tracking prospects

  • Recruiting volunteers

  • Grant writing

  • Creating campaign communications: case statement, solicitation materials (briefing notes, proposal letters, naming opportunity catalogue, pledge forms), campaign correspondence (thank you letters, pledge reminders, etc.), press releases, campaign updates, as well as guidance and hands-on assistance in producing videos and brochures in cooperation with your organization’s outside vendors.

Whether your organization is a small, large, experienced or inexperienced in campaigns, Nonprofit Strategies is ready to partner and provide the strategies, direction, and management to ensure your campaign reaches its full potential.

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